ConDoc Version 4

SketchUp Changed the Game, ConDoc Makes it Easier to Play

Welcome to ConDoc Version 4! Whether you are just joining us or have been on board since the Plan Generator proof of concept, I am positive you will love our new configurable ConDoc version 4. We have been working on this release for over a year and it is finally ready. 

You asked and we listened. ConDoc v4 is fully configurable.. you can add your own layers and customize it for any industry. There are plenty more features that we’ll be showcasing here on this page, so check back!

What’s new? Here’s the good stuff:

  • ConDoc 4 is 100% configurable.
  • You can create any drawing, for any industry, using any layers, and in any visual style.
  • The ConDoc Default Template utility scenes are now built into the ConDoc System window, so you no longer need a template.
  • ConDoc 4 comes with additional drawing sets for Architects, Interior Designers, and many others to follow shortly after launch.
  • You can create your own drawing sets, use your own layers and styles, adjust the provided drawings, and share the set with a .condoc file.
  • The ConDoc Export uses the new LayOut API to build custom ConDoc Drawing scrapbooks on demand for each project.
  • Drag and drop your completed drawings in LayOut; no more placeholders to re-link and re-render!
  • There are several new drawings including framing plans and electrical plans.
  • You can now stack viewports for elevations, sections, and perspectives to achieve a huge array of visual styles.
  • We have new Tutorial, Manual, Forum, and Profile pages for Pro Members.

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