ConDoc LT

Create instant 2D drawings from any SketchUp model

Unlike other programs, ConDoc LT works with your preferred layers and model organization to automatically create beautiful 2D plans, sections, elevations, and perspectives every time.

ConDoc LT is...

Flexible and easy to use, no matter how you model

ConDoc LT’s Drawing set works with any layering and model organization. Design in 3D however you like—we won’t hold you back!


The quickest way to get from 3D to 2D

There’s no faster or easier way to take any 3D model or design you can create and turn it into complete sets of precise 2D drawings.


Easy to share with anyone

Load the ConDoc Backgrounds drawing set to generate professional 2D CAD backgrounds as .dwg files. Go ahead and share with your consultants!

Designed to meet your needs

You’re just a click away from professional drawings in 3 different default styles: precise “CAD,” loose “Sketch,” or presentation-ready “Color.”

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