Creating a Section Drawing

In this tutorial, we will walk you through the process of adding a ConDoc Section drawing to your drawing set. We will leverage the ConDoc Configurator tool to customize and streamline your workflow, focusing on Section drawings which can also be used for interior elevations. We will guide you through placing precise section cuts, stacking viewports, and choosing rendering settings, all aimed at enhancing your construction documentation process.

Specifically, you will learn:

  1. Adding Section Drawings: How to add a ConDoc Section drawing to your drawing set using the ConDoc Configurator. This is a technique that allows precise placement of section cuts, also used for creating interior elevations.
  2. Naming Section Drawings: Importance of keeping drawing names short and meaningful, with an emphasis on the construction document (CD) or design development (DD) naming convention.
  3. Choosing Drawing Styles: Selection and application of appropriate drawing styles and line weights. You will learn how to apply different styles for different drawings, including grayscale, line drawing, and section fill.
  4. Utilizing Viewports: How to effectively utilize viewports for better representation of your designs. This includes techniques to stack viewports and adjust foreground and background elements.
  5. Layout Rendering: The importance of choosing the right LayOut render setting for your construction documents. We will specifically discuss the benefits of Vector rendering for a CAD-style output.
  6. Setting Up Shadows and Camera: Setting up shadow presets and camera settings to enhance the clarity and precision of your sections. You will learn how to turn shadows off and set up parallel camera settings for sections.
  7. Managing Section Cuts: How to manage section cut placements effectively. You will learn how to set up zero offset to ensure your section cuts exactly where you want it.
  8. Layer Management: Understanding the importance of managing different layers and using 2D graphics and 3D objects for enhanced visualization of your designs.
  9. Managing Section Planes: How to manage section planes to avoid cutting through unwanted parts of the design. You will learn the practicality of moving section planes without needing to update the scene.

By the end of this tutorial, you'll have a clear understanding of how to efficiently create and manage detailed ConDoc section drawings in your projects, enhancing the precision and presentation of your architectural designs.