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Prepare to Learn

Class Organization

  • All SketchUp Workflow courses are broken into Lessons, which contain topics.
  • Every lesson has text, many have a step by step tutorial to compliment the text
  • read the text and watch the tutorial
  • All topics within a lesson are intended to be watched in sequential order.
  • Despite what you may have heard, Sketchup is not easy. It's easy to draw a shape in any program.
  • references to "The SketchUp Workflow for Architecture".

Be Patient

  • Even if you think you know everything in the tutorial, i promise if you watch you will pick up on something.
  • If you are self taught, just stick with the course. I couldn’t believe how much i learned when I watched...
  • Watch every tutorial in order
  • Make sure you understand each tutorial before moving on
    Do The Homework

Organize workspace for learning

  • Best to watch on second screen, or on a tablet, while you work on the main computer screen.
  • Keep in mind space bar is shortcut for pause/play on all video tutorials, or click on the video screen to pause/play.
  • The left and right arrow keys jump forward and backward
  • Up and down arrow keys control volume

Lesson Files

  • Many Lessons use a SketchUp or LayOut file for you to open and follow along with. You can download all Lesson files from the lesson page, or individual topic files from each topic page.
  • All lesson files come packaged in a .zip. You will need to extract it to an easy to access location on your machine (ie. desktop)
  • You can find the file you start with in the class files folder… it always matches the video number
  • Class files for each specific exercise are posted above the videos. Easier to download them all at once.