Create 2D Drawings in a Click—Without Leaving SketchUp!

With ConDoc Tools, turn your 3D designs into full sets of precise 2D drawings.

The ConDoc suite of tools is the fastest, easiest, best way to create 2D drawings… using the SketchUp and LayOut workflow you already know. Perspectives, elevations, sections, and plans—you can do it all in just minutes!

More than stock SketchUp.
Better than BIM.

ConDoc Tools acts as an accelerator between SketchUp and LayOut, greatly simplifying and automating the process of making 2D drawings. Now you don’t have to leave SketchUp, learn complicated software, or waste hours of your time trying to turn 3D models into 2D in LayOut.

Forget about $5000 plus per year…
How about $29 per month?

Some industry software licenses cost thousands of dollars a year. ConDoc Tools is just $29 a month—or even less at $299 a year. (That’s like two months free!)

A full-featured—yet lightweight—
alternative to complicated BIM

ConDoc Tools lets you stay in SketchUp, quickly and efficiently enabling 2D drawings no matter how you’ve organized your 3D model. When BIM is overkill, ConDoc is perfect.

One Name. Three Powerful Tools for Your SketchUp Workflow

ConDoc Tools is a suite of three applications. ConDoc 2D is a collection of scrapbooks full of prebuilt symbols, drawing items, and more. ConDoc LT automatically creates scenes and exports them to LayOut, no matter how you’ve organized your model. And ConDoc Pro uses premade layers to help you automate any standard or specialized plan you need.

ConDoc PRO

An out-of-the-box system for professional drawings without compromise.

ConDoc LT

Automatically create drawings from your preferred layers.

ConDoc 2D

Everything you need to make professional, standardized drawings.

ConDoc Tools is Perfect For…

For residential and commercial architects, interior and retail designers, kitchen and bath contractors, and more… The ConDoc suite of tools has what you need.  Whatever industry you're in-if you need to make 2D drawings, ConDoc Tools is the best choice.

Need plans, sections, elevations, details, and perspectives?
You need ConDoc Tools.

It’s simple. Without ConDoc Tools, you’re either paying too much for your 2D drawing solution or wasting time manually doing things you could automate. (Or both!)

Get started with ConDoc Tools

ConDoc extends the capabilities of stock SketchUp with a proven system for organizing 3D models, built-in tools to automate tedious tasks, and all the resources you need to create professional drawings. What's more, it's also…

Windows/Mac Compatible

Create professional drawings on either platform.

Standardized & Professional

Meet professional standards with just a few clicks.

Exportable & Printable

Save to .DWG or print to share your ideas with anyone.

Built for SketchUp Pro 2023

We continuously keep ConDoc Tools up to date.


Expanded line weights & dynamic hatches

Make professional drawings while improving workflow efficiency. Extend “stock” SketchUp and keep using the software you love.

Built for the way you work

Think and design the way you like—any model, with any layers or groupings. 2D drawings are minutes away.


Get started with ConDoc Tools

Start your free 7-day trial to gain full access to all tools, resources, and courses...


Plug-and-play workflow

Go from using ConDoc Tools for the first time to making beautiful, professional drawings in less than an hour.

Step-by-step tutorials and helpful support

No matter your skill level, it’s easy to learn how to use ConDoc Tools. Take advantage of built-in learning and tutorials, or watch more on the Brightman Designs YouTube channel. We’ve even included a start-to-finish course to turn you into a SketchUp rockstar.


Design-focused, technology-enabled

ConDoc Tools automate repetitive clicks and help you fast-track your designs. Create stunning deliverables while the technology supports you—not the other way around.

Easy to understand,
easy to use

ConDoc is highly intuitive and simple to learn. But don’t worry… If you’re stuck, you’ll also have access to online videos, manuals, FAQs, and more—including an entire SketchUp course.

More automation,
less frustration

Our mantra when designing ConDoc Tools? “Many steps—one click.” ConDoc Tools automates time-consuming tasks so you can spend more time doing what you do best.

Discover the ConDoc suite of tools: ConDoc 2D, ConDoc LT, and ConDoc Pro.

Let's Discuss Your Workflow

Schedule a call with Mike Brightman, creator of the ConDoc Tools extension!  Use this time to ask technical questions and learn exactly how to automate your workflow.  You can also email [email protected], or just call the office at 720.443.3242.  We look forward to meeting you!


Wish you could "polish up" your SketchUp skills before you grab ConDoc Tools?

We love SketchUp Pro so much, we created a full course to teach you how to use it better… And the entire start-to-finish course is included FREE with your subscription to ConDoc Tools.

In other words, if you're worried you don't know enough SketchUp-don't be.  We've got you covered!


ConDoc Tools: Created by Mike Brightman


Mike Brightman worked as a professional architectural designer before founding Brightman Designs, a Colorado design and visualization agency, in 2013.

A national speaker, Mike has provided hundreds of hours of free learning to thousands of SketchUp users. Mike has also published multiple books on SketchUp, including the 2nd edition of The SketchUp Workflow for Architecture: Modeling Buildings, Visualizing Design, and Creating Construction Documents with SketchUp Pro and LayOut, from Wiley Publishing.

Based on his experience, he created the comprehensive SketchUp Workflow course included with your ConDoc subscription.

Mike also has an active YouTube channel where viewers can follow along as he works through various design projects and discusses industry issues.

After producing complex designs and visualizations exclusively in SketchUp Pro for over a decade, Mike created ConDoc Tools to make his workflow easier. Architects and designers around the world now use his methods and software.

These Architects and Designers Love ConDoc Tools...
And You Will Too

Well done Mike, as an architect myself, there is a difference between how we approach a drawing task versus how graphics and other design people approach the same task, and your approach was perfectly comfortable with me and was logical and informative. For people who don't or haven't produced construction documents for a living, especially on CAD, these things don't seem to matter.


The CONDOC System and Tutorials have made my life and work process so much easier and efficient! Hands down, the organization is exactly as I would have wanted it. BRAVO!

Carolyn Beers

I have just purchased your ConDoc Tools for SketchUp Pro and SketchUp Workflow for Architecture and wanted to say "thank you!" I am very impressed with your product and application for my design/build studio. After years of drawing plans with AutoCAD and then having to export for render or presentation, I am ready to adopt your ConDoc product into my workflow.

Carson Monson

It is rare to find anyone that has put so much time and effort into something that they are really great at in my opinion, and I truly appreciate the effort that Mr. Brightman has put into his work. When I bought the ConDoc Tools myself, I had a bit of an issue registering it. (All my own fault BTW) and Michael emailed with me to help troubleshoot the install and make sure that I had full use of it before he quit for the night. Excellent service for my point of view. There are other free tools that you can download from the ConDoc Tools page as well that complement the paid tools as well.

Douglas Hall

I use ConDoc because for me, it's all about time. In our industry time is money. And the more time you can save in your workflow, the quicker you can go on to the next project and the quicker your clients get their plans and they can start their construction.

Easton Hunter

As compared to much more cumbersome A/E software the combination of SketchUp and ConDoc allow a streamlined basis from the very beginning of the architectural process with 3-D in Schematic Design, refined in 3-D/2-D in Design Development and then finally refined fully in 3-D based 2-D in the subsequent Construction Documents, Bidding and Construction Administration phases.

Kevin Callahan

ConDoc saves me time and keeps me out of trouble to create great construction documents. If you use Sketchup in your remodeling business, get Mike Brightman's 'The Sketchup Workflow for Architecture' and download The ConDoc Tools.

Scott Daniels

The SketchUp, LayOut, and ConDoc are an excellent way for an independent design-build contractor like myself to manage projects from inception through construction quickly and accurately. I am a thrilled CAD convert! The ConDoc System is sophisticated, but once concepts are understood, it is very easy and fun to use. The recent tutorials for ConDoc are a great comprehensive explanation of how to get going.

Stephen Levin

This is excellent for those of us that are not trained architects. The ConDoc System Really helped me understand how to work much more efficiently and productively without all the frustrating pitfalls I was constantly struggling with.

Steve C.

The missing link between SketchUp and LayOut

Yes, you could make 2D drawings without ConDoc Tools… But why would you want to? ConDoc Tools is the simplest, easiest way to create perspectives, elevations, sections, and plans in SketchUp-then quickly and painlessly export them to LayOut. Start a trial today and experience the power and simplicity of ConDoc Tools for yourself.