ConDoc Consultants

Below is a list of our professional partners and colleagues who are experts at SketchUp, LayOut, and ConDoc Tools.  Many of them can help in other areas such as design, drafting, and rendering.  If you would like to be considered for this list, please fill out this form...

Lars Zimmerman

I work with individuals and businesses to turn their everyday ideas into understadable, beautiful and inspiring images and video.
[email protected]
720 934 3705


Sloped is a service that tests, certifies and connects independent professionals with employers who are in need of advanced SketchUp and LayOut skills.

Scovel Design Group

3105 NW Lee Ave
Lincoln City OR 97367
[email protected]


James DelaHaye

James provides awe-inspiring modelling, rendering, and drafting work for clients in every part of the world. With natural talents in photography and graphic design, James is a 3d virtuoso with unparalleled intuition and talent.
[email protected]
1720 989 0376
Benitez Designs

Benitez Designs

With 30+ years in architecture and expertise in SketchUp, LayOut, and ConDoc, I offer design, documentation, and personalized training services for residential and small commercial projects. Need drafting or modeling support? Personalized training? I'm here to help.

Ruben Benitez
(530) 570-2451
[email protected]