Join us at the pinnacle of professional development in the architecture, building, and interior design industries. The SketchUp 3D Summit is not just an event—it's a journey to the peak of your career. This exclusive summit, tailored for advanced learners, transcends the basics to enhance your skills and knowledge in innovative ways. Over three thematic days, we'll dive deep into Designing and Documenting, the transformative power of Artificial Intelligence, and Automating Workflows with SketchUp.  Learn more and reserve your seat!


In this tutorial series I am going to teach you just what you need to know to get up and running as quickly as possible. This isn't everything, but if you stick with me through this course you will be perfectly positioned to learn advanced strategies and succeed faster with far less headaches.  You will need to download the ADU Design Model.skp and ADU Permit Set.layout to follow along.  Let's get to it!


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"The SketchUp Workflow for Architecture", by Mike Brightman, explains in great detail everything that ConDoc automates.


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Extended step-by-step tutorials to dig deeper into the ConDoc Tools workflow.


Follow along in these courses designed to ramp you up from beginner to pro in a structured format.  If you are new to SketchUp, start with "101 SketchUp Designer Quickstart.  These courses were previously sold at, but are now included with your ConDoc Tools subscription.