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Mike Brightman

Gregory!  glad to hear ConDoc is working for you…  Sorry for any frustrations on the layering/nesting changes.  I hope you know that I agonize over every little tweak because I know it sends ripples, or tidal waves, everywhere!  I felt it was important to abandon the 2 model demo plan situation.  It was difficult to understand the relationship between the two models combined into one plan, with four stacked viewports.

Also, I changed the prefixes to encourage nesting/layering the same way every time… Level > Element > Location > Condition.  Rather than mixing up some of the layers as ConDoc layers… each type got a prefix.

Another huge decision was to abandon ConDoc 3.  You really can just install ConDoc 4 and seamlessly keep working.  I tried making a drawing set for ConDoc 3, it worked, but required some manual labor to get it all the way, and in the end would be too confusing to teach as a viable solution.  So it is recommended that you finish ConDoc 3 projects, then move onto ConDoc 4.

I highly recommend TSWFA2!  (of course I do!) It is everything I have learned and refined over the past four years… completely updated and re-explained.  It is truly the ConDoc manual…  Lot’s of new diagrams too!  Be sure to take a lap through our new manual to see a lot of the images from the book…

Keep me posted on your progress… and thanks for the positive feedback!