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Mike Brightman

Hello John!  Two things going on here…

  1. all of the stacked viewports are in a group.  in order to edit the scenes attached to the viewports you need to double-click in one level.  Even the single viewport drawings are included in a group.
  2. If you are run a ConDoc export, then drag and drop the viewports… everything is good.   If you go back to the model, add some additional ConDoc scenes using the elevation, section, perspective tools… then run another ConDoc export…  drag and drop the drawings in LayOut and the viewports get goofed up!?  This happens because the model reference has not been updated in layout, so the viewports don’t have the new scenes to look at.  The solution is to always update the model reference before you drag and drop the ConDoc drawings.

This is a tricky one to explain… let me know how i did!