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Mike Brightman

Hello Keea,

It’s definitely possible to do this:

  1. You’ll want to click on the Configurator Icon, navigate to Furniture Plan
  2. Click on the “+” icon to create a new viewport
    1. Give it a name like, Dashed Roof
    2. Select “LINE DRAWING – Dashed” as your style
    3. Select your Line Weight
    4. Select your Render Setting (usually we use Raster for dashed lines)
    5. Skip Shadows (unless you want them)
    6. Yes to Section Plane
    7. Specify the height of your roof for the “Section Plane Height”
    8. For Visible Layers, you’ll want to click the check boxes for your ELEMEN_Roof and then possibly LOCATION_Exterior if you nested your geometry in such a way. Ideally it should just match what layers control the roof you’re trying to show in your model.
    9. Click the check mark when you’re done
  3. Drag your “Dashed Roof” viewport to the top of your modified Furniture Plan drawing.. you can also save it as a custom .condoc file if you intend to use it again.
  4. Close Configurator, and run the Plan Generator. Select the “Furniture Plan” drawing set and click, SETUP PROJECT.
  5. Your scenes should run up a the top, and you’ll see a new one created for “Dashed Roof”.
  6. Once you’re ready, you can save your model, export to LayOut and then Drag/Drop your model. Dashed lines should appear.

Hope that helps, let us know if you have any issues!