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Mike Brightman

Hello all,

We haven’t officially released 4.5 yet, but we’re very close!

Trevor, if you see errors appearing when installing ConDoc 4 in SU 2019, please make sure that you de-activated your previous license in SU 2018 first. This is important if you have ConDoc on several computers. Once you hit the 3/3 limit, it will prevent you from activating.

  1. Navigate to your ConDoc Profile page and click the “View Licenses” link: 
  2. You’ll want to check to see if you’ve hit your activation limit on the next page.
  3. In your old version of SketchUp, go to Extensions>ConDoc>Activate, wait for the pop up and then press “Deactivate Licence”


  4. Open up SU 2019 and re-try the activation process. Removing the extra activation should free up space.

We’re working on some upgrades to our licensing system, and it will me much easier to manage licenses/activations very soon. Hopefully this helps. Let us know if you are still receiving errors (please send a screenshot if you can).