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Mike Brightman

Hello Duncan,

Downloading a ConDoc component is quite easy; you can do so by navigating to the 3D Warehouse inside of SketchUp (by clicking on “Components” in your default tray, or by going to Window>3D Warehouse), and then searching for “ConDoc 4”. From here, you’ll see several components appear from our library and a button that you can download into your model.

Once you have components placed in your model where they need to go, you can select them all and create a group. Next, go to Edit>Cut or CTRL + X and double-click into the corresponding level/element/location/condition tiles within the model organization guide, and then Edit>Paste in Place your group of components.

Check out more on the “Model Organization Guide” video in the ConDoc Tutorial section. Also, we have more information on where to place geometry on the ConDoc Manual.