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Mike Brightman

Hello Stella,

Thank you for the kind feedback on our book. To answer your questions, ConDoc is definitely geared more toward producing drawings as you mentioned. With that in mind, you can think of the ConDoc System as something that benefits you outside of producing just the drawings. A good example being most of the visualization projects we have on our Brightman Designs portfolio page; we use ConDoc in every model we make, regardless if we’re doing drawings or not. The system acts as a super helpful way to organize all of our geometry into layers that give us the best navigation control. Condominiums sound like they can be pretty involved, but if you use our ConDoc utility scenes, you can easily press a button and show “Interior” layers only, “Exterior”, and so on. It sounds like this would be easy to shrug off, but we can’t tell you how many times this very action saved us a few minutes of clicks to manually turn off/on the stuff we needed to see in the projects we were working on.

Check out more in the video we made here:

Hopefully that helped answer your questions. We do also offer courses that cover our visualization process in depth on SketchUp for Professionals.