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Corey McRoberts

Yes, I’m referring to reference grid lines that show up on all plans except perspectives (horizontal on floor, foundation, and roof plans, and vertical on elevations and sections).  Here’s what I did:

I created 2 new layers: ELEMENT_Grid lines Horizontal & ELEMENT_Grid lines Vertical and assigned a dotted line instead of ‘Default’ for those layers.

Then added a ‘Dashed grid’ scene as another viewport to all relevent construction drawings in the ConDoc configurator.  Only the appropriate Grid line layer is visible in these ‘Dashed grid’ scenes.

When exported to Layout, the drawings show up with a light dotted line in accurate grid locations.  I can use these dotted lines to accurately place ‘column grid’ tags from the scrapbook fairly quickly.

Here’s the problem:

The dotted lines show up in Layout on the Foundation Plan, Roof Plan, Elevations, and Sections beautifully.  It does not however show up on the Construction Plans.  I’ve checked the layers, scenes, and Condoc configurator set-up and everything looks right.