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Mike Brightman

Hey Sean,

Not a problem. Might be able to offer some tips on grouping and assigning the groups to layers.

For Grouping:

  1. Try triple-clicking on the geometry to make sure everything is selected, right-click and “Group”
  2. Try ‘scrubbing your cursor’ over your geometry – back out slightly so everything you’re trying to select is in view, and click-drag your selection cursor over the geometry (dashed line will grab everything the selection window touches, solid line will grab everything inside the selection window), right click and make group.

For Assigning Groups to Layers:

  1. Click once to select the group, navigate to your ‘Layers’ toolbar, click the drop-down and assign it to layer of your choice¬†
  2. **EASIEST OPTION** Head to the 3D Warehouse, search for ConDoc and download the Model Organization Guide – Place this in your model off to the side where your geometry is. Next, click once to select your geometry, then go to Edit>Cut (it’s best to set a shortcut key), then navigate to the group/container in the Model Organization Guide tile where you want to place your geometry, click into the tile and then go to Edit>Paste in Place. There’s a helpful tutorial on how to use our MOG’s you can reference here: