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Mike Brightman

Hello Jay,

What you’re seeing is the new ConDoc 4 or 4.5 prompt window. When you create a new section, it will ask if you want to create this section as for a CD (Construction Drawing) or DD (Design Drawing). The difference will be that the CD will be black and white line style:

And DD will have a loose, sketchy color style:

Note that in the SUFP EXT videos, we were using ConDoc 3 which did not have the functionality exactly the same way regarding window prompts when creating sections. From the screenshot that you sent, it appears you’re using our ConDoc 4 or 4.5 version to do the tutorials, yet you have our ConDoc 3 layers and template. Weird as it may sound, ConDoc 4 or 4.5 layers will not read ConDoc 3 layers. And the version of ConDoc that you are using requires all the layers to match the ConDoc 4.5 layer organization in order for the drawing set to create scenes correctly. Best thing to do would be to completely delete all your layers except for Layer 0 and use our Model Organization Guides to re-assign the layers in the latest ConDoc 4.5. There’s a video for how that works on our ConDoc Tutorial page under ‘New in ConDoc 4.5’:

Apologies for the confusion, you’re doing everything exactly the way we instruct – we unfortunately haven’t gotten around to updating our SUFP tutorials with the latest version of SketchUp and ConDoc. They’re a few years old at this point. We are actively planning on re-doing our tutorials and they will be fresh and current in the near future. Hope that helps clarify some things.