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Mike Brightman

Hello Lewis!

We’re certainly happy to help with all questions as best we can. This question seems to be less about ConDoc and more about learning the functionality of how to use LayOut. Fortunately I have some helpful resources for you.

I think you’d benefit greatly from our free online course (perfect for beginners) called SketchUp for Professionals. You can find more information on this page:

The course covers everything from SketchUp, to LayOut, and also a visualization program we use called Lumion. You’re certainly welcome to jump ahead to the LayOut chapter 11. For $100 we have extended content available with 3 extra hours of tutorials. These are certainly nice because you can watch them and practice at your own pace and the curriculum covers pretty much verbatim what we offer in private trainings.

We also have a helpful YouTube channel that you should bookmark. These have tons of content that will be helpful for learning LayOut. We actually did a webinar a few months ago on the topic of LayOut Myths and we offer step-by-step instructions that might help understand how those LayOut tools work in addition to our plugin. You can find the direct link to our recap blog here:

In our tutorials page we also have videos covering the 2D to 3D Workflow. Sounds like you may have started watching those, but keep at it and let us know how we can help.