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Mike Brightman

Hello Kevin!  I forget the exact order of commands, but there is a zoom extents involved in the creation of ConDoc scenes.  It think it is also only runs the zoom extents with the condoc layers on.  If you have rogue geometry way off to the side on layer0, ConDoc will likely center the camera view in the middle of the extents.  If you run the plan generator and don’t like the plan camera views, you can update by following these steps…

  1. set the camera to the view you like.  be careful not to orbit, this will disrupt the top down view.
  2. In the Scenes dialog, select all of your plan scenes.  Leave any RCP’s out, their camera views are from bottom up.
  3. With the plan scenes selected, uncheck “camera location” and recheck it immediately.  This will update all of your plan scenes to have the same current view camera location.  Verify by clicking through the scene tabs

You can then run the ConDoc Export and your plans will show up better in the ConDoc Drawing viewports.  If you have already run the export, you will notice that your drawings will jump around on the page.  This could potentially mess up any annotations you have already added.

Let me know if that helps!