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Mike Brightman

Hello Luke

You are right in updating your LayOut reference prior to resizing – that usually solved the problem.

Regarding the custom MOG, the ones we have completed are constructed to work with our ConDoc Architecture and Interior drawing sets. You can certainly make your own MOG – not impossible, would just take some time.

  • First, you would need to dial in/finalize your custom layers from your drawing set in SketchUp.
  • Then you would open up our MOG model file, unlock all locked layers, re-assign them to match your drawing set
  • Create any new custom tiles that match your layering parameters (3D text, etc)
  • Re-organize each tile in sequence and then lock them similar to our 3D warehouse MOG (I would have one we did beside your custom MOG that you can reference)
  • Save your completed custom MOG
  • Make sure you have your custom drawing set loaded up when you use your MOG there after

Does that make sense? We haven’t usually done anything like this yet, but the MOG is a helpful tool to use on the fly and I can see the value in customizing some elements if you do use it regularly.

Short answer is that there’s probably not a quick way to customize the MOG without changing the dynamics it was intended for with use for the ConDoc Drawing set. Another alternate would be to not use the MOG for your custom elements and nest each of your elements manually. You can always double-check the nesting sequence by clicking on elements using the Heads-Up display.

Hope that helps!