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Mike Brightman

Hello Luke,

Sorry to hear that you’re still having issues with this. It seems like you’re up to speed on all the recommendations we have to remedy the problem. The only other suggestions I would have require some more info to understand what’s going on so that we can help.

  • Do you have other premium extensions that are not working or experiencing similar issues?
  • Is your Extension Warehouse and 3D Warehouse working and connecting ok (both require internet connections to validate)?
  • Do you have multiple purchases and/or Trimble accounts that you might be using?
  • Have you tried installing ConDoc and logging in on another computer?

There are a few topics in the SketchUp forums regarding connectivity issues. Some people have tried purging their cache (if you’re using Safari) and merging their accounts (if you have multiple ones). You could also try disabling all other plugins except ConDoc and see if that works. Maybe re-activate one-by-one to help identify if there is a competing process preventing our plugin from working. We’ll continue to research a bit and follow up.