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I had this problem too but after having read the instructions on the download from the 3D warehouse, I tried the following for a 15 storey project. Hope I did it correctly far so good as I am evaluating the 4.8 version having started of on a version that did not have the MOG with the CONDOCTOOLS 2 years ago. It’s a process that is a little difficult to grasp ( for me) but once you get a full understanding of the “container within container” , the MOG is brilliant.

Just remember that you will have to “make unique” each of the MOG you copied from the original downloaded and to assign a tag associated with the floors generated by the Plan Generator. I searched for a multi level tutorial by Mike but could not find one …it’s the single floor garage although I do recall seeing it on the Denver house …can’t seem to find this with multiple MOGs.

The MOG can be downloaded from the 3D WAREHOUSE . Please note that it functions like a component and you have to assign it to a level AFTER you run the plan generator and have input the number of levels you need.

It takes SKETCHUP PRO to a whole new level. Remember , since SketchUp discipline requires you to organise in groups,components, tags and scenes it’s best to use a system that takes the grunt work out for you.