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Mike Brightman

Joel!  Glad to hear that!  Thanks for the encouraging feedback…

So… two possible causes off the top of my head.

  1.  Maybe your terrain is still on the default SketchUp “Location Terrain” layer, which ConDoc PRO will ignore/turn off.  Drill into your terrain and verify that all groups and geometry are on correct ConDoc layers.
  2. Maybe your terrain exists far away from the origin, and is not being sliced by the section planes.  To see the origin, right click on any axis and choose reset.  If it is grayed out you are already seeing the origin.  The site contours are generated from section planes dropped 25′ above and 25′ below the origin.  If your terrain sits 26′ above the origin, nothing will show.  If this is the case, just select all of your contour sections and move them up to where your model is.  Easy fix!

Let me know if one of these solves it…