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Mike Brightman

Hello Luke!  I opened your file, tried run the ConDoc Export…  Just like you said it spins for way too long so I cancelled it and took a look around…

The wine bottle is massive! 4,587 faces!!!  and there are 570 of them in the model!!!  That’s 2,614,590 faces that your graphics card has to represent, and LayOut has to flatten when you export that elevation.  I replaced it with this low poly wine bottle from  This wine bottle has 517 faces which nets 2,319,900 LESS faces…  Just to represent wine bottles!

The issue also lies in your chairs, tables, and refrigerator racks.  They are SUPER heavy on face count for what they are actually representing.  So you were asking LayOut to flatten all of this 3d geometry which is a huge task.  You can help LayOut by assigning the 3D Object layer to the heavy representation you have now, then drawing a flat 2d symbol and assign the 2D Graphic layer.  This way LayOut doesn’t have to flatten these objects, ever!

I made these changes and ran the export again…  about 2 minutes which is really not bad… still a little long.  The liquor bottles in your elevations are likely slowing it down, that’s where I would continue digging.  Once you run the export and drop the drawings into LayOut, updates will be much faster.

Let me know if that helps!