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Mike Brightman

Jean Luc!  So sorry for any headaches on transitioning to ConDoc 4.  First, I would not recommend moving a project from 3 to 4…  It is recommended to finish projects in 3, then start new projects in 4.  Although if you fully understand deleting and repathing layers, it is not too hard to migrate a project.

I eliminated the 2 model demo plan solution because it caused a ton of confusion, and often the views didn’t sync up if the plan generator was not run at the right time.  Once again, easy to fix if you know exactly how to do it.  The new one model solution is much more straight forward.  I still recommend building out the entire existing conditions model, then save as proposed.  This way you always have a running record of what was there.

Some other answers…

  • this was always the case, even in condoc 3.
  • Try using the free zorro tool to slice chunks of your model and move them to the demolished group.
  • not sure what you mean here…  if you are demo’ing an object, just cut from the existing group and paste into the demo group.

Truth be told you could switch things around as you describe and it will work just fine!  I like to keep the “condition” at the end of the line so my scope diagram works.  We are working on a large office remodel right now that reminded me of how useful that is!

I promise ConDoc 4 is a huge leap forward.  Don’t hesitate to call me on my cell if a discussion will help…  Thanks for your support!