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Aaron Maret

Just circling back around to report that I exhausted all troubleshooting options for my crashing issue on my Macbook Pro. There seems to be some irreconcilable difference between the plugin and my computer (Retina, 15-inch, Mid 2015 / MacBookPro11,4).

However, I continue to be really excited about the vision of this plugin. There isn’t an alternative that integrates and automated construction documents from native SketchUp model (that I know of). So… I went out and bought myself a Windows workstation that will be dedicated to this 3D CAD work. The issues I was experiencing on my Mac do not replicate on the PC.

Mike- I think it would be honorable to make it more transparent to prospective buyers that your plugin seems to have compatibility issues on Macbook Pros, so they can make an informed choice. Also, in response to our conversation about Mac vs PC graphics performance- in my experience so far, my MBP is noticeably more nimble, snappy, and crisp with rendering on-screen geometry, materials, and shadows. My PC (HP Omen with¬†NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 GPU) does a fine job. But it’s not as smooth and crisp as the MBP. I really don’t think there is a GPU power issue. The cause of the crash seems likely to have to do with drivers/software. Just my hunch.