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    Aaron Maret

    I’ve customized my layers using the Configurator. Set up a new project. Have all geometry on Layer 0. When I run plan generator, SketchUp crashes. I’ve tried everything. Plan generator will run fine on empty project (no geometry). But can’t get it to run on my new project with my clean model. Please advise.

    See screencast video here:


    Aaron Maret

    Here is a link to the file. May help troubleshooting.

    Mike Brightman

    Hello Aaron!  A few comments…

    • Have you added a section plane to your model, and disabled the SketchUp Section popup?
    • Do you have Skalp installed?  Be sure to disable…
    • Verify that you have the Advanced Camera Tools enabled…
    • Disable scene thumbnails and close the scenes dialog
    • The graphics cards on macs are a bit underpowered, you might change out some of the heavier “presentation” styles for the DESIGN style.

    Please give some of these suggestions a shot and let me know how it goes.  Thanks!


    Aaron Maret

    Hi Mike-

    • Added a standard Sketchup derived section plane. That works fine. Not sure what you mean by “disabling” the popup… perhaps you could clarify?
    • No Skalp.
    • All Sketchup native extensions are enabled, including Advanced Camera tools. Those and ConDoc4 are the only extensions enabled.
    • Disabled scene thumbnails and closed scenes dialog.

    None of these steps made any changes to the crashing behavior.

    Were you able to take a look at the file I linked above? Wondering if there are any clues inside… If I model a few pieces of simple geometry in an empty file, the tools run fine…

    Mike Brightman

    Hello Aaron!

    I took a look at the file, at first glance…

    • shadows are on, turn those off before you do anything
    • click on the DESIGN button to add all of the ConDoc layers and styles
    • So far you haven’t layered any geometry.  This means that all geometry is on in all scenes that are created, which is heavy!!!  Especially those cars.  I recommend fully layering the model, this way at a bare minimum the cars will be off in the scenes that are created.
    • I ran the plan generator no problem, but as mentioned all of the scenes pretty much looked the same because nothing is layered..

    I think you might have called a few minutes ago…  Give this a shot and try me again!  Thanks!


    Aaron Maret

    Oh man. I’m really striking out over here. I rebuilt my .condoc file from scratch (per our discussion). I was confident that would work after what we tried on our call yesterday. But no luck, still crashed when I tried running Plan Generator.

    Then I just returned to the absolute basics. I opened one of the sample files (CONDOC+4_Modern+Garage.skp), and loaded the default V4 .condoc file. I tried running plan generator with this generic setup, and it still crashed.

    Finally, I wondered if there was something corrupted in my Sketchup installation from installing ConDoc v4 on top of v3. So I completely removed Sketchup and all associated files from my computer. Did a fresh install. Then tried to install ConDoc v4 via Extension Manager. And THAT crashed Sketchup…

    Dead in the water over here…

    Aaron Maret

    Just circling back around to report that I exhausted all troubleshooting options for my crashing issue on my Macbook Pro. There seems to be some irreconcilable difference between the plugin and my computer (Retina, 15-inch, Mid 2015 / MacBookPro11,4).

    However, I continue to be really excited about the vision of this plugin. There isn’t an alternative that integrates and automated construction documents from native SketchUp model (that I know of). So… I went out and bought myself a Windows workstation that will be dedicated to this 3D CAD work. The issues I was experiencing on my Mac do not replicate on the PC.

    Mike- I think it would be honorable to make it more transparent to prospective buyers that your plugin seems to have compatibility issues on Macbook Pros, so they can make an informed choice. Also, in response to our conversation about Mac vs PC graphics performance- in my experience so far, my MBP is noticeably more nimble, snappy, and crisp with rendering on-screen geometry, materials, and shadows. My PC (HP Omen with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 GPU) does a fine job. But it’s not as smooth and crisp as the MBP. I really don’t think there is a GPU power issue. The cause of the crash seems likely to have to do with drivers/software. Just my hunch.


    Hi Aaron,  I have been on the same quest to make my MacBook Pro work with Condocs consistently.  I opened your model on my computer and it crashed instantly when I ran Condocs section and elevation.  I can tell you what I have found that I am working with now until a more permanent solution comes is:

    • Start a clean project
    • run design and draft mode so Condocs layers come in
    • make basic model shape and layers, very simple and low poly count
    • add no textures, except solid colors from paint bucket tool.
    • run the section, elevation, perspective, details, and plan generator with full intention of your end product.  Do this as early on as possible. Condocs should work fine.  Then you will have everything set for export to LO.
    • After that, you should be able to model how you need to complete the design.  Simply save the model, update in LO and you will be good to go.

    I have found that textures were one of the leading causes of the crashes.  I just completed a full set of drawings this way, keeping conscious of my model geometry was the key.  It is not a fix, but was effective for me.  I too have had great results in SU with my MacBook Pro, as far as speed and what it can handle. It runs dual screens and I have been blown away by it’s performance.  Skalp and Condocs have had crashing issues.  I have disabled Skalp for now.  I do think Mike’s system is awesome.  Just hope to get a more permanent solution in place.  Thanks, Keea

    Mike Brightman

    Hey Guys!  Thanks for keeping the conversation going…  I wanted to let you know that I sent off Keea’s findings last week and the developer is investigating.  Will reach out when I know something.  Thanks!


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