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Hi Aaron,  I have been on the same quest to make my MacBook Pro work with Condocs consistently.  I opened your model on my computer and it crashed instantly when I ran Condocs section and elevation.  I can tell you what I have found that I am working with now until a more permanent solution comes is:

  • Start a clean project
  • run design and draft mode so Condocs layers come in
  • make basic model shape and layers, very simple and low poly count
  • add no textures, except solid colors from paint bucket tool.
  • run the section, elevation, perspective, details, and plan generator with full intention of your end product.  Do this as early on as possible. Condocs should work fine.  Then you will have everything set for export to LO.
  • After that, you should be able to model how you need to complete the design.  Simply save the model, update in LO and you will be good to go.

I have found that textures were one of the leading causes of the crashes.  I just completed a full set of drawings this way, keeping conscious of my model geometry was the key.  It is not a fix, but was effective for me.  I too have had great results in SU with my MacBook Pro, as far as speed and what it can handle. It runs dual screens and I have been blown away by it’s performance.  Skalp and Condocs have had crashing issues.  I have disabled Skalp for now.  I do think Mike’s system is awesome.  Just hope to get a more permanent solution in place.  Thanks, Keea