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Mike Brightman

Hello John,

You should be fine on your computer that crashed, no need to re-install ConDoc if you had it already set up. If you switched over to a new computer entirely, that would be an instance that you would need to download our .rbz and install ConDoc. You can also manage your activations now in your profile dashboard page:

Couple things could be causing the issue you describe in LayOut.

  1. Make sure in LayOut, you do not have ConDoc Drawings selected as the active scrapbook. We recommend selecting another random scrapbook, anything really that is not ConDoc.
  2. Make sure you save your model in SketchUp before running the ConDoc Export. Select the checkbox for all relevant scenes you want to export. There’s a chance maybe you forgot to check all your drawings?
  3. Once you have done the steps above, in LayOut navigate to your ConDoc Drawings scrapbook.. your selected SketchUp drawings will appear here. Drag and drop and you should be good.

Hope this helps, give it a try and let us know. Thanks!