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Mike Brightman

Hello Luke,

Just to clarify, you would not need to load anything when you open up SketchUp; maybe you’re confusing the ConDoc System heads-up display with the Model Organization Guides (which are components on the 3D Warehouse)?

The ConDoc System heads-up display would need to be opened manually every time you start SketchUp, as it is only accessible through Window>Extensions>ConDoc>ConDoc System.

If you would like to customize what would be your “ConDoc Default Template” in 4.5, you could easily download the Architectural Model Organization Guide into your untitled SU file, place it off to the side and then go to File>Save As Template, make sure “use as default” is selected at the bottom – give it a name you prefer – this will save to your local machine SU directory. Then when you start any new file, you will have the MOG present to begin your projects.

Let me know if that helps.