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Ruben Benitez

Luke ….. I’m having some issues generating my scenes for this model. My model is on a point cloud terrain map. The Z axis is relative to real world Z with an accuracy of 12″. When I use camera position and place the figure on my floor I get an elevation height of 195′-6″. I know that the camera comes in with a positive height value of 5′-6″ so I’m setting my floor height at 190′ and my basement at 180′-4″ (8′ plate height +20″ floor system). Some of my cuts look correct and some don’t. My Construction Plan Heavy 01 looks like it’s trying to use the basement section plane and it’s not a cut. Same with Heavy for the basement Construction plan. It’s not cutting the plane. It seems as though the cuts are getting mixed up between 1st floor and basement. Do you have any suggestions? Here’s a link to the model files if you want to take a look at it. As always your help is greatly appreciated.