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Mike Brightman

Hello Jeremy,

Great question. As long as your model has all of your group layers accounted for, you can easily purge anything you don’t need, including unused ConDoc layers. Basically the test I always try is toggling the “All On” and “All Off” layer state in the ConDoc System display; if you see your model appear and disappear this means that all of your geometry is accounted for and will appear in your drawing sets. If you still see geometry when you toggle the “All On” and “All Off” this means that geometry still needs to be assigned to a ConDoc layer to appear in your drawing. The MOG’s are great to quickly select, cut, and paste-in-place any geometry that you need to assign.

The other part to this is you want to make sure you have the “ConDoc 4_ARCHITECT – SU2019.condoc” drawing set selected as this will work with the layers you have in place. It usually is loaded by default, but good to check for. If you purge any unused layers, they will not affect your exports and anything that gets sent to LayOut as they layers being removed would have nothing assigned to them.

Hopefully that makes sense. Sounds like you have an exciting project on hand if you anticipate the need to keep it streamline as you go. Let us know if you run into any snags, we’re happy to help.