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Mike Brightman

Fellas!  One more comment to keep in mind…

If you run any condoc tool, like the plan generator, scenes are created with specific layers turned on and off.  Now let’s say you work more on your model adding walls, doors, windows, etc…  Then purge the model, which clears layers that are not assigned to any geometry.  Then you click on the DESIGN button, those layers will be added back in as mentioned… but here’s the catch!  The default behavior of SketchUp is to turn new layers on in all existing scenes, so now your scenes are likely not in line with ConDoc standards.  As you move forward, assigning those layers to new geometry, they will show up in all ConDoc scenes that were already created.

To get around this…

  1. Use MOG’s if you are going to purge all.
  2. no MOG’s?  just purge in the components and styles browser.
  3. or, get your model as far as you can, then run the condoc tools.  or plan on running them again at the end to create clean scenes.

Some advanced stuff!  Let me know if that makes sense…