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Mike Brightman

Thanks for the positive feedback!

First issue…  as long as you are within the LEVEL/ELEMENT/LOCATION/CONDITION…  You can add as many groups within the CONDITION container as you like.  Whenever I need to rebuild a model, I start a new SketchUp file, archive the original, then cut and paste in place in the new file, in the MOG’s.  This should cut down on the amount of non-ConDoc layers you are bringing over.

Also, you don’t need that old default template.  In the install tutorials I show how I create my template.  I like to just have the 2d Graphic and 3D object layers in there…  Those apply to any SketchUp/ConDoc project.  Other than that, feel free to add some other Utility Scenes.  I usually add one for Lumion, or another Work scene that isolates the architecture.  You could have a site one…  but they don’t necessarily need to be in your template.

Once you load the ConDoc PRO Architect 2020 drawing set…  That is now your default drawing set.  It will load everytime you open SketchUp.  So the steps are…

  1. start a new file
  2. insert MOG from 3d warehouse, or your temp folder
  3. add geometry to the correct MOG tile/group.
  4. run the plan generator when you need the level layers, or know the answer to how many levels it will be.  Nothing wrong with re-running later if needed, the LEVEL layers will not be disrupted.

I will add to my list an overview of the process.  I just wrapped up a huge renovation project, recorded the entire thing.  I think it will help a lot!  Watch for that on our youtube channel.

I assumed the 3090 would be sawweeeet!  I am still on the 2080ti, so the performance jump doesn’t quite justify the cost right now.  Will keep an eye on it!

Let me know if this is helping or hurting…  Thanks for your support!