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Mike Brightman

Mr. Anderson…  Thanks for that positive lead in, I appreciate it!

Sometimes what I do is just run the standard ConDoc PRO Architect drawing set on a project…  Then go back and update a layer here and there, rather than trying to program something small into the Configurator.  You can modify any of the ConDoc scenes and they will still export and stack properly… But tread lightly!

The Backgrounds layer is always turned off in plan.  You could put your CAD linework in there then just manually turn the Backgrounds layer on in specific scenes after you run stock ConDoc.  You could also break up the CAD into separate groups with the Backgrounds layer applied.  Then use the hide function to further refine visibility in your scenes.

Another possibility.  You can put the CAD linework in with the walls and call it a 2D Graphic.  This way it will only show up in plan.

Make sense?

Not sure about the Configurator jamming up.  I haven’t heard any other reports.  I suspect that the mac mini is not pushing strong graphics.  Does it have an issue with SketchUp in general?