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Mike Brightman

Hello Ruben!

Just to clear an easy issue out of the way…  Be sure you are using the ConDoc PRO drawing set, not LT.

The Roof Plan creates three scenes stacked in this order…

Dashed – ground level walls cut with a section at 4′ above finished floor.

Heavy – Top view of all levels and roofs

Light – overall site grayed out, earth, hard surfaces, and context.  this is optional.

After you run the plan generator, you can move the active section plane for the dashed scene to include more levels or walls.  Another option…  Create another scene manually that is only the second floor walls dashed.  Then stack it manually after you run the ConDoc export.

The different behavior for the Roof Plan is possible in the Configurator drawing settings.  The “Use Levels” option is set to None.  This means that the Plan Generator will only create one Roof Plan, rather than a Roof Plan for every level.  You might experiment with setting this to “All”.  You might find that you can export out all of your Roof Plans and composite them faster than manually creating the scenes.

Let me know if this helps!