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Mike Brightman

Hello Josh!  Thanks for the kind words, much appreciated!

First issue…  the viewports stack from bottom to top:  Hatch, Heavy, Light.  The Hatch viewport will have solid fill for all of the walls, even where windows are cut…  since there is wall below.  The Light viewport needs window 2D graphics that cover up the hatch below.  So to troubleshoot your issue…  Do you have proper 2D graphics for your windows?  Do the 2D graphics have a surface? this is necessary to cover the fill below.

Second issue, not as much info so I will throw this at you.  Maybe the 2D graphic for your column should NOT have a surface.  This way it will NOT cover up any line work below.  What’s not showing properly?

Third issue… Maybe!  Depends on if you actually saved that drawing set.  I am pretty sure that we leave existing drawing sets intact on install.  In other words, if you messed with a default drawing set and saved it, I don’t think the install will overwrite.  If you delete the ConDoc Tools folder out of your plugins folder, then install… that would be the sure think.  Or, just reload one of the default drawing sets from this link,…  Make sure you save it and overwrite the one you may have modified.

Let me know if that helps!