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Mike Brightman

Thanks Michael!  Much appreciated!

Good news!  I think I have a fix that is even better than before…  I’ve only briefly tested this.

With ConDoc 5, all edges, surfaces, and groups/components should be set to “untagged” regarding SketchUp tags.  So walls that will be demolished will be grouped, have the untagged sketchup tag assigned, and have something like Level 01, Walls, Exterior, Demolished ConDoc Tags.  On top of this, assign the CONDITION_Demolished SketchUp tag.  This will allow the color by tag to kick in.

Heads up, the Color by Tag settings for a Scope diagram show the last assigned tag in the stack.  So if you are using the ConDoc door and window, you will need to go in and set all of those objects to “untagged”, then apply the ConDoc Tags for 2d graphic and 3d object.

Let me know how it goes!  I will probably be making a video about this soon!