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Hello Mr Brightman Thank for the answer, but did try that before and didn’t change anything and yes I’am using ARCHITECT drawing set. The situation appears on an old project (done with condoc 4) and also new project (done with condoc 5) soon I do any modification on sketchup files it deteriorate the layout view. The mystery accur for some strange reason that I can’t find why. The only way I find to solve the problem is by resending any type of view from sketchup to layout with condoc 5 tools. Then without any other manipulation and not even integrate the new view in layout. All the previous view done in layout is now correct until the mystery reappear again. Did try to create a new sketchup files and layout with the same project and it create the same mysteries

Yes I could share with to you some file sketchup and layout, it will be my pleasure, but I think, if I could show you on my screen what occur, you will probably understand better than my writing. It’s possible for me to send you a link for a zoom meeting, we will be abble to share my screen. It will take only a few minutes to show you the interesting mysteries. Let me know if you are interesting to do that.

Yesterday I worked on a project to do some modification in sketchup, I add new wall in basement floor and 3D and 2D stairs in sketchup. Today when I open the layout file of the job, in main floor view and second floor view the new basement walls where visible true the view. I verified my tag everything is ok, I verifed the individual views in sketchup, all view are ok, Update the files in layout, After this the floor plan layout is not correct until I will resend any view, then all views will be correct again until the next time. I will try to send new view later on today. I will create backup files of the project with the situation and the file with the exact step I did to correct the view, to show you.

I did start with condoc 5 at the beginning of december, without that mystery at the beginning, it starts to appear later on in december, now is in all the files, I can’t trust the view before printing the project, I have to go true all layout views the verified if this situation accur or not.

Interesting mysteries and I’am open to help if I could¬† ??