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Mike Brightman

Hello Kevin!

If you choose a different line type for untagged, like solid, it will stick.  ConDoc will not change it.  If it is se to “default”, we force it to dashed.

Most ConDoc styles disable dashes to give the appearance of solid lines.  When you need dashes, the style enables dashes.  It’s a little backwards, but the best way to use the limited SketchUp vector line types.

You could also use the “dashed lines” plugin from smustard which works pretty well for line types outside of dashed/hidden.

You could get real tricky with tags like “2D Graphic_Dashed” and “2D Graphic_Center Line” in the configurator…

I saw you canceled, guessing you are frustrated…  Let me know if you want to give it another twirl.  I apologize for the delayed responses, I’m slammed with some Lumion videos I’m making this week…