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Mike Brightman

Good Morning Nicole!
Unfortunately, the Scope Diagram is not possible with our new tagging system. We left it in there because some folks still use the old MOGs, and we might have a way to make this work in the future. The reason it doesn’t work is that the SketchUp tags, which have a color, aren’t actually applied to the geometry. The ConDoc tag is applied and then visibility controlled through the SketchUp tags dialog.
There was another shortfall with the Scope Diagram relating to the 2d Graphic/3d Object scenario. Since those tags/layers were last in line, often the doors and windows would just show up grey. So it was a little incomplete even in the beginning, but I still felt it was useful! I have it on our roadmap to get the scope diagram working all the way, even better than the default SketchUp behavior.
Here’s an idea… for a renovation project you could tweak your approach. Make sure that your 2d Graphic/3d Objects SketchUp tags are not applied, use the ConDoc Tags for and the geometry will be “untagged”. Then use the ConDoc Tags as usual… Except, for CONDITION. You will apply the CONDITION tags using the SketchUp entity info dialog. You can use these tagging systems together and I think this solves it!? I need to test…
You really don’t need to create the scene anymore, just use the ConDoc System to toggle through the different utility styles.
Let me know if that clears things up… thanks!