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    I quickly watched the YouTube video on ConDoc 5 (with some fast forwarding, sorry 🙂 ) and the Tutorial on ConDoc website but I’m not sure about one thing. How should we apply 2D Graphic/3D Object tags now? Especially when we have a group or component with 2D Graphic and 3D Object inside it? Should we double click and assign Tags with Condoc or we need to use Sketchup’s default method?

    Mike Brightman

    Hello Arek!  Good question!  Truth be told you can do it either way…

    Leave them alone and just use the 2d Graphic / 3d Object SketchUp tags that are already baked into our dynamic door and window components.  ConDoc 5 automates tags just the same as before.

    Or, you could remove those 2d Graphic / 3d Object SketchUp tags (“untagged”) and then apply ConDoc Tags.

    Here’s a scenario where the second option makes a ton of sense.  If you are working on a renovation, and want to create a scope diagram, the “Color by Tag” style in SketchUp shows the color of the last tag in the nesting.  So if you have 2d Graphic / 3d Object SketchUp tags the CONDITION tag above it won’t show through.  The scope diagram is somewhat incomplete because the doors and windows show as white even though some are demolished, some new, and some existing.  With the new ConDoc Tags, you could use ConDoc tags in place of the 2d Graphic / 3d Object SketchUp tags.  Then apply SketchUp condition tags to the objects.  Now the scope diagram is complete!

    Someone asked this question on the livestream and I didn’t have a great answer… but after some testing this works even better than before!  Did you follow me?  It’s complicated to explain…  I have it on my tutorial list!


    My question originated from some weird behaviour – I have 2D Graphic and 2D Graphic Dashed Tags. In this particular case I used them for stairs. When I applied 2D Graphic and 2D Graphic Dashed to 2D representation of them (both, yeah, still nested, inside the group), it seemed that they were not connected with the Tags I applied to THAT group a couple of seconds before (which is Stairs/Interior/Existing). So they somehow did not show up in Existing Conditions Viewport. I mean, when I double clicked inside that group only 2D Graphics/2D Graphics Dashed was marked as red in ConDoc Tags.

    No I am not sure that I explained that clearly.

    But, not sure what happened, after switching to 5.0.2 version everything seems ok haha

    It started to make even more sense to me when I switched to SCOPE scene that is a scene ‘baked’ into my Sketchup default template and, as you said, the components that had 3D Object/2D Graphic inside it had Sketchup Tags assigned and appeared as white. This is where I get a bit confused. Is that one and only case (Scope Diagram) when we need to apply Sketchup Tags “manually” (Demolished/New) to view them properly? Is there any other case when it will be necessary? ConDoc Tags sound like a huge time saver and I could totally switch to this way of applying tags.

    And I have another issue. I applied ConDoc Tags to object like sockets, light switches etc i na way you explained on YouTube. I really love Selection Toys plugin but when I wanted to select all the items to apply Sketchup Tag NEW just for testing the Scope Diagram, instead of right-clicking and choosing “All on selected layers” with Selection Toys, I had to hide all of the tags I didn’t want to see and then select what I wanted. Is it the only workaround?

    Another question, not entirely related to Tags, but I will put it here instead of starting a new topic just for this. Scene Update and Save feature.
    In the past I thought the best way to export Scenes to Layout properly was to set up scenes with ConDoc, do not touch them, export to Layout, import the drawings from ConDoc Drawings Scrapbook and then make changes in the Sketchup model if I wanted and update the reference to the model in Layout. It seemed that if I didn’t follow that workflow 1:1, the scenes were not exported properly. Now it seems I can make all the changes I want (like Zooming In to the area of the building that I’m interested in) before exporting to Layout and it will all work as it should as long as I hit the Scene Update and Save button. Am I right?

    And two suggestions for the future 🙂
    1. I would like to see more in depth tutorials for Interior Designers about ConDoc 5 version. My For example, I got intrigued by “Primary” viewport description for Elevations. It sounds like we could add some Secondary viewport that will be stacked over in Layout. Correct me if I’m wrong though. I’m asking because adding that to the new “Scene update and save” (if I understand that function correctly) feature I could take my elevations drawings workflow to some new level and make my work smoothier. Of course, I always could add another vieport to an Section Drawing but I had to be very cautious (for the reasons provided earlier) each time I did that.
    2. In my models I have more pre-fixes apart from LEVEL_, ELEMENT_ etc. Like for example, for cabinets where I want to have the ability to turn of the Tag “MEBL_Fronty” (“meble” is “furniture” in Polish and “fronty” is “Cabinet Doors”) to show how they look inside. Is there any chance for adding custom prefixes (like “MEBL_” for example) that won’t be all put in “Other” in ConDoc Tags but have their own section in ConDoc Tags instead?

    Hope I made myself clear but it’s a lot of topics I wanted to discuss haha. Let me know if there’s something I should clarify.


    Any hints?

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