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    Hello-  Just trying things out for first time.  I’m running sketchup 2020 on a mac iOS big sur 11.1.  Followed the tutorial for drawing 2d plans. seemed to work fine.  When I try to export the layout file to dwg, layout crashes and gives me a lengthy bugsplat message.  I was able to get it to export by unchecking the “export for Sketchup” box, but then I could not import it into Sketchup.  First I get this warning message- ”


    Some imported geometry is extremely far from the

    model origin. If you experience any instability with

    your SketchUp model, please delete that geometry

    from your .dwg/.dxf file and import again.

    AutoCAD Entities Imported:


    AutoCAD Entities Simplified:

    AutoCAD Entities Ignored:

    Anonymous Blocks:14″

    After clicking “OK” on that, I get a message saying the import has failed.  Has anyone run into this before?



    Joe Lanza


    Mike Brightman

    Hello Joe!

    Unfortunately, I have found the LayOut CAD export and SketchUp imports to be completely unreliable.  A few times I have whittled the issue down to an image file, like our BD logo, that if removed seems to work.  You might try cleaning up any images, make sure they are saved and linked as a jpg rather than a tif or psd.  Be sure to purge the LayOut file after you do that.

    The failsafe solution I have landed on…  Export out of LayOut as a pdf, then use John Brock’s PDF Importer extension to pull it into SketchUp.  It is rock solid, and I get all of the text and dimensions imported clean.  Even when SU/LO works, the resulting import is frustrating to work with.

    Let me know if that helps!



    Thanks Mike.

    I moved the scaled drawing to a blank sheet and was able to export it to DWG and then import it to Sketchup.  It looks like the PDF Importer is windows only, so I guess I will stick with this method if it continues to work.

    Thanks for the quick response.



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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