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    Gregory Sarver

    Seems like Visual Merge is a post-TSWFA tag. What are best practices in using these two tags?

    Mike Brightman

    Good Point Greg!  I had to double check that one…

    Always Off is for sketches, concepts, and ides that you aren’t ready to delete…  but also don’t want to show up in your drawings.  So anything with the Always Off tag assigned will never show up in LayOut drawings.

    Visual Merge is for hiding the seams between groups.  For instance, where interior walls meet exterior walls you might have a seam that you want to hide.  Assign Visual Merge to the edges in both groups to make a smooth transition.

    Check out more in our knowledge base!

    Let me know if that helps…

    Gregory Sarver

    Perfect…that’s how I’ve been using VM. I dusted off TSWFA the other day, and didn’t see it in there. Making a big push this year to ditch AutoCRAP and really focusing on workflow and process…just needed some clarification. On a side note…I have never really used scrapbooks much in the past, but have been dialing them in for different drawing types. WOW…what a more efficient process than block libraries in AC. Standardizing, categorizing everything in Scrapbooks. Pre-formatting entire drawing sets and saving as templates for painless CD’s (that’s the goal anyway). Condoc Tools is very helpful in this process as well. Getting that dialed in too!



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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