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    Have looked thru the forums a bit and am encouraged to see some threads about cabinet engineering and design drawings.

    Been in cabinet and millwork production engineering for some 15 years now.  Started working thru Sketchup & Layout about 8 years ago.

    Built an entire modeling and template system that is working for me but need more automation.  Found Mike’s plugin and am trying to work thru if it will function for my workflow.   Have a few questions.

    Q1: How do other operators in this field break down a project?  I currently create single rooms (kitchen, pantry, bath, library, ect) and stack them all at 0,0,0 and then use room tags to control visibility of each room for all it’s associated scenes.  Will this method work within Condoctools?

    Q2: If it is possible, would I follow my normal routine of modeling all the rooms and then pull up the Condoctools interface and just pick the number of rooms needed and it will populate the established scenes I need?  Would like to eliminate as many choices that I know I don’t need right up front when moving to Layout.

    Q3: I have discovered that modeling cabinet interiors into the main model is a major time suck.  I have moved to no interior detail unless there are glass doors and am instead creating a cabinet detail, moulding, and door profile library with associated scrapbooks for easy import into Layout detail pages.  I then only need to model a cabinet interior if it doesn’t exist in the library.  How would this work flow fit into Condoctools?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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