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    Luke Mackley


    I have started using the model organisation guides (chocolate block). I have created a model using the it.

    Then I have a scene like an elevation and I can see the guides in my elevation. yes I can move the guides further away. But I also tried to hide them but them in my scene but that also hides my model that is linked to it. I don’t like it how the guides become attached to the model.

    I don’t want to keep moving the guides out of the viewing area for each scene, so how to hide and not affect my model.


    hope this is clear?


    Mike Brightman

    Hello Luke,

    Double-check that you have the “ConDoc4_ARCHITECT – SU2019.condoc” drawing set loaded up. Did you start using the MOG before you installed ConDoc for this project? If so, it’s also possible that the guides got moved to another layer other than “CONDOC_Always Off”. If you did have ConDoc when you started using the guides, run through your scenes again, make sure that “CONDOC_Always Off” is turned off and update just your visible layers. The MOG are controlled by that layer and should definitely NOT be visible in your elevations.

    Thanks and let us know if this works.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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