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    Luke Mackley


    I am use Condoc 4.8 in sketchup 2019 with drawing set Arch 2019.

    When I load the condos 4.7 dynamic door into my drawing then scale it to fit opening. The door jumps either wider or narrower…. very strange.

    To check this I opened a new Sketchup simple template and it did the same thing- that is the scaling does not hold when you release the mouse button, it jump to a different size.

    So I used the Condoc 4 dynamic door in my drawing and it is ok.


    I can load an image if needed.


    Mike Brightman

    Hello Luke!  I just ran an update on the 4.7 Dynamic Window.  I added a “Tolerance” field in the dynamic component options.  It’s set to the max .0000001 by default.  If you set it to 1″, or some other round unit, it will report back a clean window tag in LayOut.  I haven’t talked much about this feature yet, but it’s pretty cool.  Dynamic window tags from SketchUp to LayOut!  If you change the window size, your tag updates in LayOut.

    Try downloading the 4.7 window again.  Let me know if it behaves as expected now.  Thanks!

    Mike Brightman

    Sorry, fixing the door right now!  give me 5 minutes and that will be updated too…  Thanks!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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