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    Hi All,

    Have been using CONDOC TOOLS since 2018 and its been pretty good. Recently hit a problem with the export to LO and have been through various scenarios with my model which I thought could have been the problem but then decided to download the BD Demo garage from the 3D warehouse to test it out.

    Same situation with Architect Pro Drawing sheets and the new Condoc Lt sheets too.


    All fine till I try to open the drawing in LO.

    Steps I use:

    1. Run the Plan Generator
    2. Select the CAD floor Plan
    3. Hit the Send to Layout on the CONDOC TOOL Menu arrow button
    4. Select the Cad plan and Scale
    5. Hit the Send to LO while making sure the Scrapbook is not on in LO
    6. Await the signal that LO is ready to have the Scrapbook on
    7. Inset the file into LO
    8. Blue window opens which is connected to the Sketchup Model Info box in LO ,
    9. Open Scrapbooks to locate the CAD floor plan
    10. Drag into the layout paper space
    11. Blue box appears but am not able to update in the Drawing references box or link etc. The file is shown in red but am unable to select nor update it

    Hi ,

    I managed to resolve the problem :

    1. The autosave function in SU 2020 saves the file with a different name. Hence the LO link is constantly searching for a different file.I disabled the function.
    2. Do not assume that the CONDOC scene generation will all have the same camera location. For some reason mine was all off. I checked all the scenes generated by CONDOC, unchecked all the properties to update EXCEPT the camera, updated the scenes.
    3. This seems to have resolved the problem.

    Does anyone else have this issue ?


    Mike Brightman

    Good Morning Jeffrey!

    I know you have been using ConDoc for quite some time (thanks!), but wanted to ask about step 7.  There is never any need to click the File > Insert option inside of LayOut.  ConDoc pushes everything you need through the scrapbooks inspector.

    I don’t think that autosave would have gotten in the way of anything.  It is true that if you open a SketchUp file, leave it there open for more than the autosave setting (usually 5 minutes), SketchUp will create an extra file in your folder with a different name.  Now, once you save your SketchUp file, this autosave temp file is deleted automatically.

    Whenever you run the ConDoc Export, you are forced to save.  So this should eliminate any autosave files as the culprit.

    Maybe you were doing a “save as” vs a “save”?

    I recently stumbled across a nice fail safe for saving, updating, and avoiding the strange missing new scenes issue.  Don’t open SketchUp, then open your file.  Instead…  Open LayOut, then from the File > Document Setup > References dialog, select your model and choose Open.  Opening your files this way creates a kind of “livesync” with LayOut.  No need to right click and update models.  No need to update from the Document Setup dialog.  Just save in SketchUp, then go back to LayOut and you will notice a slight hesitation and then your models need rendered again.

    a HUGE extra bonus!  I find this method to be 10x faster than messing around with the Document Setup dialog.  Everytime I go in there and click on my reference LayOut would choke for a minute or so.  No more!  Give it a try…



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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