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    Luke Mackley


    I am using Condoc 4, I see there is a reference to a Retail Design template or set up.

    So is there a specific set for retail design – as I am a retail designer?

    And is this any different to the standard set up in Condoc 4?



    Mike Brightman

    Hi Luke,

    The standard drawing set is the “ConDoc v4 – ARCHITECT.condoc” set. This should work perfectly with retail design. Unfortunately we don’t have a specific Retail drawing set, but we may develop some industry specific features in the near future.

    For more clarification on how to use the layering, refer to our Manual page, under Layers. There are some helpful visuals for where to place geometry groups.

    Luke Mackley

    Hi Luke

    Thanks for the reply appreciate it.

    Im a little confused on how to do a renovation project. Yes I understand your layering system.

    It more just the work flow and getting it into layout. Like creating and existing drawing, then running plan generator and what boxes to tick for the scene. Then creating proposed construction plans then running plan generator and what boxes to tick. And then getting the existing and proposed into layout.

    Can you help?

    Need a video demo of this, it would be really helpful. Is there one???? Or a work flow diagram?


    Luke M

    Mike Brightman

    Hello Luke,

    We don’t have any version 4 renovation videos, but you can refer to the ConDoc 3 videos. It would be the same process, just with our updated layering system (LEVEL, ELEMENT, LOCATION, CONDITION)

    We also have some new Model Organization Guides in the 3D Warehouse that are helpful. Just make sure your groups are on Layer 0, cut each element at a time and paste in place on the appropriate ConDoc 4 level.

    Our Manual page has some helpful diagrams to reference as well:

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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