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    John Shank

    After setting up one of my models using the configurator, and customizing

    my own layers, and getting to the point of doing a perspective, elevation, and section,

    I saved my file.  Upon opening the file up the next day, and getting back to following the

    tutorials for the rest of the set up, I noticed that once back in to configurator, none of my

    layers were showing up, nor were the perspective, elevation or section buttons.  Clicking

    on the layers icon in configurator also did not bring up my existing layers.  I did however have

    my new layers show up in the sketchup layers panel.  Just wondering if I did something wrong

    initially or if this is the way the extension works?

    Mike Brightman

    Hello John!  This definitely should not be the case, and I haven’t heard of anything like this happening.  Can you give it another shot?  Make sure that you know exactly where the file is being saved… Then reload?

    Keep in mind that when you start a new file, there aren’t any layers in it.  When you click the DESIGN button, or run any ConDoc Tool, then you will see the layers appear from your drawing set.

    Let me know if you get to the bottom of it!

    John Shank

    Hi Mike,

    Ok so I figured out what I was doing wrong.  I was saving the file as a sketchup file rather than as a ‘condoc’ file.

    I did not realize that (until I watched the video again) that I could not save it the normal way and had to save in

    the configurator box using the save icon!  So, I am totally stoked about moving forward with the condoc configurator!

    Awesome extension Mike!  Thank you so much!!

    John Shank

    Another issue_ so I saved my model using the save icon in the configurator  window.  Closed sketchup down.  Opened sketchup, opened up the configurator gear icon and clicked on the open file icon, navigated to my saved ‘condoc’ file, and nothing is there except for all the layers I created.  This is becoming somewhat confusing to say the least.  I am not sure I understand something – will I ever be working with a true sketchup file using condoc, or is everything I am working with in condoc have the ‘.condoc’ extension.  I have also tried opening the model I saved with condoc using the open file icon with sketchup (not condoc) and nothing shows up.  I am following instructions explicitly using the tutorials.

    John Shank

    I am now finding the sketchup file for working in the configurator.  I am guessing when asked to save model before sending over to layout

    that the model is then being saved in the sketchup format?  It’s a little confusing but I am now slowly catching on.  Sorry for the confusion

    I am creating.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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