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    Luke Mackley


    Condoc Export is causing a problem in that it is taking a long time to export to layout. The Export will take 10 minutes.

    I am only Exporting a Colour Presentation plan, and a CD Refected Ceiling plan. I have a model drawn in the Condoc Architect drawing set, with everything in the layers.

    Then in Layout I open the drawing and place the Colour Presentation Plan which is ok, I then go to resize the frame so I can see the whole drawing and layout stops responding, in Mac I just get the coloured wheel  – its stuck. The Condoc Reflected ceiling plan is ok in that I can adjust the frame size in layout. So it is just the colour presentation plan that is the problem.

    I have done a normal plan section and that works ok. (not a condoc stacked scene).

    I have tried this a few time and the same thing happens. I have put the paper space on Low Res render.

    I am use to doing complex restaurant modelling with lots of sections and details and never had a problem, so it is something to do with the Condoc Export. It takes a long time to Export from Sketchup to Layout. and then in layout I can adjust the size frame around the scene.


    Any ideas of what to do?




    Mike Brightman

    Hello Luke!  I promise that ConDoc is only doing what it is told…  as fast as it can given the Mac hardware…

    It is likely that there is a heavy component or texture that is part of the export.  Can you share the LayOut file with the references updated?  I will take a quick look…

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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